Do I Need To Get A Boiler Tune-Up Every Year?


Would you go an entire year without performing any sort of maintenance on your car? Probably not, right? Well, it’s important to think of your home’s heating systems the same way. The longer you go without paying them any attention, the more likely they are to malfunction and break down. The question is - do you really need to get your boiler tuned up every year? Find out below:

Why Should I Have My Boiler Tuned Up Every Year?

  1. The number one reason is safety. It’s your goal to keep yourself and your family safe, right? One of the main byproducts of boiler usage is carbon monoxide. A tune-up will help make sure your system is not producing too much carbon monoxide and that it’s safely being vented up and out through the chimney.

  2. The number two reason is to maximize efficiency. A technician will come in to clean out the burners and tunes the actual performance of the system in order to maximize efficiency which will save you money.

  3. The number three reason is to prevent emergency breakdowns. The technician will inspect the operation of the critical systems such as the pump, the controls and the thermostat and will fix any issues right away before they become major problems down the road.

The answer is - yes. In order to make sure your boiler is operating a peak performance, you should have it serviced every single year. 

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